Excitement and deflation

Petipa, originally uploaded by George Eastman House.
I was so darned excited to start my blog. I was ready. Well not exactly ready. I hadn't picked a name yet. I had a long list of options I’d brainstormed. And I still hadn't picked a blog platform either.

But I had my new laptop and a bundle full of creative energy, isn’t that enough? Alas, creative energy deflated after I decided I wanted some good pics of myself to show who the wizard is behind the curtain.

Experimentally I got my camera and started doing some self-portraitures, only to discover three things:
1) I’m a stinky photographer

2) I’m an awkward model

3) And my face is getting older.

I think I can become a better photographer. In fact, that’s one of the projects I’d like to work on in this blog. But I’m not so sure about becoming a better model - apparently there‘s more involved than just standing there and saying cheese. And the face? Well, I have decided I must now wear makeup on a daily basis. I'll start doing that tomorrow, or maybe the day after...

p.s. Why does everyone look so pretty in blogs? Are these strange creatures pretty all the time?  I love blogs, which is why I want to start my own, but I find my real self, with my real face, with my real expressions, wondering if she will fit into this sparkly world.

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  1. 3) is false!!! you're my age but you do look soooooo young!