About me

Hi, I’m Valerie, I’m in a bohemian season.  After soul-searching I've rediscovered my passion for writing fiction. I started this blog because I want to share the adventure with kindred spirits.

From books to movies, I find stories hard to resist.  If you love books too, connect with me on GoodReads! 

I’m in the process of writing a novel or two, so don’t be surprised if you find me waxing loquacious on the journey of writing and creativity in all its forms.

When I started this blog, I was traveling through Maybe Motherhood,  uncertain if I'd ever be called "mama". Now I'm journeying through equally strange waters of becoming a mother for the first time.

Being “real” is important to me.  No, I’m not going to show you pics of me in a bathrobe brushing my teeth.  But I’m also not going to be all glossy and faux either.  I aspire for a better life, but I’m honest about where I’m at. 

Other random facts that will become apparent if you read my blog for any length of time
  • If it's quirky, colorful, or bold I'm drawn to it. 
  • I use crochet for meditation
  • I am obsessed with drinking tea in various incarnations - green, oolong, white, black, jasmine, lavender, coconut, vanilla, bergamot, lemon.
  • I'm inspired by vintage and retro, modern and kitsch, minimalism and pop, glam and country, punk and pretty.
  • I love Jane Austen and all manner of costume dramas, but I also crave a dose of Battlestar Galactica and Fringe too.
  • I can't resist chick flicks, even when they're not as good as I wish they were. I'm a movie fiend and Netflix is my friend.
  • I use long words - and you can’t stop me.
  • Although I can go deep, I am not snooty or highbrow. I like to keep it real!
  • I like to laugh a little. At myself a lot.
  • I try to look on the sunny side.
  • And I like happy endings.
  • But sometimes life is bittersweet.
 If you're a fellow writer or kindred spirit - say hello!  I'm always looking to meet more of you!

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