Picking a blog name


It’s been awhile since I sat around and made lists of words I liked, mixing and matching them together.  I tried to coming up with a blog name like I used to write poetry: instinctively hunting out the words that called out to me. But there are other considerations… it wasn’t just about something that appealed to me. I felt nervous about the finality of selecting  a blog name.  I wondered if it would make sense to other people.  I wondered if it was too long.  Or too weird.  I wondered if it would say about myself what I wanted it to say.  I wondered if it would express what this blog is about. 

For instance, I’m a redhead, and quite proud of it (at least now I am) and I thought of various names with the word redhead included.  But then I started thinking a blog with redhead in the name might attract unwanted attention.

So I went through my list of variations, dipping into the thesaurus now and then.  I scratched things off and my list got smaller and smaller.  I ended up with “bohemian season”.  Why? It spoke to me.  It felt slightly poetic.  And I felt it expressed what this blog is about in this time of my life - this is my bohemian season.

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