The Chick Flick Guide

Welcome to my Chick Flick Guide! 

What is a "chick flick" exactly? To me, it's a movie that has innate appeal primarily to women.  It's not just romantic movies or romantic comedies - although those make up much of the list.  You've also got movies about female bonding, self-discovery, and don't forget your costume dramas and Jane Austen. Most chick flicks are happy affairs, that end with you feeling cheery - but chick flicks can be tearjerkers too.

There is one acid test for a chick flick  - when you mention the title to a man and he groans and then starts talking about an action movie that he'd rather see.

Classic Plotlines
Marrying the Wrong Person
Now I realize you're the one I love...
Mistaken Identity

Opposites attract
Adversaries attract
Renewal of Affection
Ugly Duckling
We just keep missing each other
Posh meets other side of the tracks
Road trip
Love triangle
The kids brought us together
He was a player, until he met her
We fell in love by pretending to be lovers
In love with my best friend, but don't know it yet
Love at first sight
Fish out of water
Unlucky in love

From a man's POV
Female bonding
She's a mess
Inner transformation
European charm

Movies with a monologue


Oddball and Quirky
Witty Banter
Ensemble cast
Costume dramas

About this guide:

  • Yes, there are probably already a million guides out there like this already... Some electronic compilations (lacking soul in my opinion), others made by actual people. But this one is mine.  My POV.  
  • I'm building it out week by week, blog post by blog post, with different categories of chick flicks. 
  • If you're a chick flick fan too, I want your feedback.  So if you think I missed something in a category, send a comment my way and I'll update the page!
  • I'm not a highbrow snob. Sometimes I enjoy a little light, fluffy cheese.  These are not the movies praised by critics or considered to be high art. The fact that I enjoy these does not make me daft, merely a bit escapist at times. I also enjoy a bit of highbrow too.  Just so you know, you'll get a little bit of both from me.
  • Detailed movie reviews can ruin a movie for me. I won't reveal the whole plot or tear the movie apart bit by bit.
  • But I will give each movie a star rating and a little description with a drop of my opinion swirled in.

So if you are a fellow chick flick lover, I hope you have fun along with me.