Blog tinker-er

image via geishaboy500

Yep, that's me, the blog tinker-er.  I've been tinkering away with colors, fonts, banners, buttons, photo editing, etc.

It's fun, and I can't believe all the free helpful advice out there when I just stop to Google. 

So I have not yet succumbed to my earlier itch to have my blog professionally designed.  Nope, it's amateur hour.  But I'm okay with that right now.  Because I'm learning, and it makes me feel more confident in trying things on my own.  There is still so much I don't know, but I plan to spend 30 minutes here and there looking for new info and trying new things.

A few links I've found useful along the way:
Colorjack - wow, you could use this for all sorts of things, but for picking color schemes, it's a blast.  I can't say I strictly stuck to it, but it gave me ideas and an hour of fun.

And in that same colorful vein, this page is really helpful

Customize your blogger template-self explanatory!

The Computery by 1stfloorflat - tons of tips on beautification the newfangled way

If you have any blog tinkering resources that make your day, send 'em my way!