Late bloomer

I'm always late to the party.  Slow to jump on the bandwagon.  I guess you could say I'm on the far end of the adoption curve.  And sometimes I do everything backwards. Don't ask me why.  But here's recent proof:

  • This fall I just bought my first pair of real boots since high school.  And I had to work up the courage to do that.  Now I'm obsessed with boots and want a thousand pairs and am worried that they're about to go out of style again.
  • I just started a blog, even though I'm the verbose writing-reading type who's been obsessed with blogs for four years.
  • I bought my first pair of leggings 2 years after they came back in style.  (I was subscribing to the mantra that if you were around when they were first in style, you shouldn't wear them when they come BACK in style.  Then I relented and bought a pair. Now I'll only wear them for 6 months before they are OUT of style again.)
  • I recently started listening to Kings of Leon on grooveshark and realizing hey, I kinda like this...
  • After seeing a bajillion photos of chevron-prints in gorgeous homes, I finally got a throw pillow of my own.
Also, for anyone (like me) who likes trendy fashion but is AFRAID to try it, I have a news flash:  The sooner you try a trend, the better the investment. What is this bizarre logic? I'll use my goofball legging example:

The wisdom of the early adopter (let's call her Sassy Suze)
 July 2007 Leggings are starting to emerge as a style trend
September 2007 - Buy leggings
April 2010 - Legging trend declared DEAD.
Congrats Sassy Suze - you got 2.5 years out of those leggings.

The folly of the late adopter (let's call her Slow Sally)
 July 2007 Leggings are starting to emerge as a style trend
September 2007 - You notice cute girls wearing leggings
January 2008 -  The idea of buying leggings pops into your mind but you dismiss it
August 2008 - You try on a pair of leggings but decide not to buy
And on, and on, until...
October 2009 - Finally you can't resist an entirely new fashion silhouette that includes leggings, tights, skinny jeans, and boots, and give in, buying your first pair of leggings, which you actually like.
April 2010 - Legging trend declared DEAD.
Sorry girlfriend - it's only been 6 months and it's time to put those leggings in storage for another 15 years

Now who's smarter - Sassy Suze or Slow Sally?

Lest you think I really give a darn.  I don't.  I just think it's funny.  Absurd. Tee hee (this is me laughing at me).

p.s. In case you were wondering, the photo above is showing off fashion trends from the 1960s (and not me and my girlfriends having a dress up party)... what goes around comes around.

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  1. Oh chevron. How killer is it??? Sigh. Much love do I have for that lovely print. My throws are in brown. : ) I'm slow to the party too sometimes. I STILL haven't seen or read Twilight. Ah ha ha