Pinterest confessions

I am addicted to Pinterest.

I know, original, right? But I like to think I have my own quirky way (OCD?) of pinning.

I read through my feed of all the fellow Pinners I'm following. (I find it fun to guess who pinned what. Certain people have such particular things they pin it's like a fingerprint. One friend always posts healthy food, another posts junky food! One posts edgy street style, another posts DIYs.) As I go I "like" any of the pins that stand out, but don't pin them right away.

Early in the morning, when I'm downing my coffee, alone in the dark on the sofa is when I like to do my actual pinning. It's sort of a free form exercise, like collage or a vision board. I pull up my hundreds of "likes" and look for what stands out to me for the day, often it's an inspirational quote or a color. I unlike my item, then pin it. I build my pins around a theme - what seems to go together visually, or just how I feel. And I like to balance out my pins, a bit of style, a bit of home decor, a bit of food, a bit of inspiration.

It's a small bit of creativity in my day that is super low stress. It's as throw away as a magazine, I know, but it feels like stretching my brain out, slowly, the way I stretch my arms overhead when I get out of bed.

How do you pin? Any particular method you've devised?

p.s. If you want to follow along on my pinning adventures, you can find me here.

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  1. *Hihi* I am addicted to Pinterest as well :-)) I mostly do hooky pins ;-) My pinning time is in the evening while Annika is sleeping especially when I am to tired to do any crafty thing... I loooove it cause it is so inspireing - the only problem is that I am short of time with my sweet little girl at my side ;-) You might know this "problem" ;-)