Four rules for watching cheesy movies

Happy New Year, shiny folk. 

I spent New Year's Eve watching a cheeeeezy rom com and being soooo lazy and painting my toenails. It was bliss, except that the movie was one I had seen before and on a second viewing, I discovered that my first impression of the film was embarrassingly off. It was pretty lame.

Which brings me to....

My four rules for watching cheesing movies

If you want to enjoy cheesy movies (99% of romantic comedies fall into this category, and probably 75% of American cinema) then...

1) You can watch the preview, but don't read the reviews of the movie first. You don't want to be noting all the ticks and flaws as you watch it. And don't check the star ratings either. This will taint your expectations for the worst. Go in blissfully naive and enjoy having your own first impression.

2) But don't go in with high expectations, go in with low expectations. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised when you actually enjoy your flick more than you thought you would. (Although beware of then telling friends what a wonderful movie it was, because then they will be disappointed by your silly taste!)

3) Speaking of friends, choose your cheesy movie companion with care. If you go with a friend (or a husband) pick someone like-minded who can just roll around in the fluff. Don't take someone high-minded who will sit and guff at every bad joke or predictable moment and ruin it for you.

4) Most of all, don't ever watch the movie again. Ha! And seriously. Because the second time you will notice the grainy film, the overdone makeup, the cheesy music, the bad lines and how ridiculously unrealistic it all is.  If you simply must watch the movie again, watch it years and years later when you will have entirely forgotten what happened in the film.

p.s. If you want to see TONS of my movie recommendations for chick flicks, go here.

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