Week 38

So, I'm 38 weeks, friends. Statistically speaking, there is a 50% chance that baby will arrive by 2 weeks from now and a 75% chance that baby will arrive by 3 weeks from now.

In my last post I was afraid he might arrive before 38 weeks. Now I say, pish-posh. I'm having this intuition that it's not anytime soon. We'll see if my intuition is right.

How I'm feeling physically: 
  • I'm feeling big now. As in my belly feels big. It's not like I've had a sudden growth spurt, it just feels like there's no more room to spare. When I have Braxton Hicks or baby decides to stretch, it's like my whole torso has been hijacked.
  • My digestive system is a broken down jalopy. I can't eat a lot and I can't eat the things I want to eat (or much of them). Embarrassing as it is to admit, this is stressful for me as food is one of the things in life I most enjoy. Just a few more weeks!
  • I've been craving things that are cold and creamy and sweet. Ice cream. Especially Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream. Creamy pies. Cheesecake.
How I'm feeling emotionally:
  • Weird. My moods have been all over the place. Hot-tempered. Blue. Antisocial. Lonely. Touchy-feely. Anxious. Laughing. Industrious. Lazy. Happy crying. 
  • I cried the other day while listening to This Woman's Work by Kate Bush because I was thinking how labor was woman's work.
  • I get weird late night restless spells when I know I should be in bed, but have unfocused mental energy and find myself randomly pouring over Tumblr and Facebook and online recipes, feeling as if there's something I should be doing, but not sure what, and not sure I want to do it anyway. (So if you want to spy real-time on me and see what I'm feeling, visit my Tumblr site.)
  • Excited about a week ahead of rest, relaxation, visits with friends and nesting.
  • And so anxious to finally see this little bobo (that's one of our nicknames for babies) face to face.

  • Nesting. When the urge kicks in at full speed (usually about once a week) I get so much done and it feels sooo good. The car seat is now installed. The nursery is 98% done. And I'm even working on organizing the garage.  Still more I want to do though!
  • The last day of work. So very weird. Still haven't processed it.  I've been working straight for 14 years, with the longest time off being 2 weeks. Is it any wonder I'm a little nervous? I'm glad I'm not working up to the due date though. Work has a way of distracting me from this imminent reality and it's time that I start to feel it. Now I  feel more freedom to take care of my body and soul the way I need to and have the time to do the piddly things that will make me feel girl scout prepared.
  • Bobo still has no final name. Does that bug me? Umm yeah.


  1. Oh my goodness I was addicted to ice cream towards the end of my pregnancy!!! It was bad news!
    I love This Woman's Work. Such a beautiful song!

  2. Such an exciting time for you!It brings back such blessed memories of when I was having babies (time really flies!) All the best in your final weeks preparing for your little bundle!

  3. Keeping my finger crossed for the great momment coming any time soon!!
    As for the name: so many people told me they hadn't had a clue for their babies' names before they actually saw them - and then boom! When you see this face you'll know!! No need to worry.
    If you have time and chance read "the continuum concept" by J. Liedloff I'm so happy I've come across it and so sorry it was only after my third son was born.
    Take care, Gosia

  4. Woohoo! You are in the home stretch.

  5. You're almost there! "Woman's Work" and in fact most Kate Bush are my faves. You look gorgeous. Every blessing.

  6. So lovely to see you fully pregnant. My turn to start anxiously checking Facebook for the big announcement!

  7. It won't be long now and we'll be seeing all of the Beautiful Images you shall share of the new bundle of Joy! I'm so very happy for you!!!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. AT 33 weeks myself and your words totally hit home for me, especially the torso being hijacked when baby stretches. Many blessing to you and I hope you have a smooth and swift delivery.

  9. Gosh, you look wonderful! I've always found intuition to be spot on.
    Not long to go now! :)