Too good not to share - a window from the third trimester

The little things populating my world recently...

Late nights...

My Tumblr. In odd, anxious, restless moments late at night when I should be in bed, I Tumblr instead. The images I latch onto instinctively, when words don't seem to come. I also like to randomly snoop round other people's Pinterest boards.

Thinking about names...

Marginamia - it is hard to explain this blog, exactly. Except to say that all of her ideas for names are too cool for school. I mean too cool for me. I am unlikely to have a child named Poppy Li or Alba Joy. I'm just not that cool. But it contains lots of inspiration if you are trying to name something (or someone)

I would love to give a baby a name inspired by Jane Austen. Yes, Jane means that much to me. But I don't think it's in the cards this go-round.

Deep thoughts... 

We've been told not to burn bridges, but what about boats? Burning boats. Interesting thoughts on future, change and no looking back from Danielle Laporte.

And a quote on the flickering nature of Joy on A Beautiful Ripple Effect.

Little whimsies...

I want to make something like this. I probably never will. But I want to. Doesn't that count?

Tie dye hair ties. I always have a hair band around my wrist and so I love these - they are soft and pretty and boho at the same time.

Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars. OMG Good. I made these after craving cheesecake. Totally hit the spot.

What I am currently listening to: Going back through favorite tunes trying to build a birth playlist. It feels strange since I don't really know what I'll be in the mood for, if anything. I'm just cobbling things together.

What I am currently reading: Harry Potter, book 7, to finally seal the deal on the series. A good selection for lazy evenings. Have been told I must read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, so I am adding that to the list for a little serious reading (which is the perfect antidote for...)

What I am currrently watching on the tele: The Bachelor - yes I am perverse for watching this, because I love to hate to love this show (wait, did that make sense?). The bachelor is inevitably a sleaze who claims to be falling in love with five girls at once and I never know what they see in him. But the girls have been so much fun to watch this time that it has sucked me in. So I guess you know what I'll be doing come Monday night.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Yes, please don't name your little boy "Poppy" or "Joy". ;-)

    I've been told recently I NEED to read several WWII/Holocaust books, including Unbroken - they seem to be "trending" right now - but I'm just not up for them. Holocaust stuff is so hard sometimes!

    I'm on the cookie bars, though! Will report back when I get them done.

  2. loved the burning boat post, V! I'll also happily come over to tie dye hair bands or ties with you - super easy and fun :)

    As far as tunes go, check out the U2 lullabies here:


  3. Ah, my serious friend Amy, you are always so much more seriouser than I. I can't believe you're not up for a dose of seriousness. ;-)

    Heather... you know how to make the hair ties?

  4. Great post Valerie. All the best in the coming weeks.

  5. There is lot of happiness and thinking happening in your world at the moment, and it made for a lovely read. :)

    PS. Those chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars look AMAZING!! :)

  6. really interesting post...the burning boat theory is very interesting as we always tend to burn bridges....I am always looking for a good book so I will have to check out Unbroken...

    Have a great week...


  7. Val,

    Guess that's what having a newborn in the house can do to you - out with serious, in with the thing that make me laugh or feel happy.

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