Week 32

How I'm feeling physically:
  • "Oh, my bootie. My booootie!!!" I say this alot. When I'm shifting my weight or getting up from a chair. Thanks, tailbone pain. The baby is apparently head down and sitting extra low, so maybe that's why.
  • I passed my 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test. Yippee! No gestational diabetes.
  • Chinnie is getting a little more prominent. And he has friends now - Roly and Poly - they like to hang out on my back. And Dimples. She's keeping my thighs company. I don't feel like I'm getting radically larger - just fuller, doughy. Man, I hope this is all that extra blood they say is in my system.
  • Maxi dresses. I wish that I had bought into this trend this summer. Because now I wish I had them. A lot of them. I have been hunting for maxi dresses with wiggle room that aren't maternity, giving me a shot at wearing them in the fourth trimester.

How I'm feeling emotionally:
  • Up and down. At times I feel vulnerable. Recently on a Saturday, the baby wasn't moving as much as he normally does. I was cool at first. But when he continued not to move I got nervous. I talked to baby, begged him to kick me. Nothing. Then I got upset. Then freaked. I called my husband while driving down the highway at 60 mph crying. It hit me. Hard. Just how attached I am to this baby and how much it would hurt to lose him. I'm not dwelling in that place every day, but when it strikes, it's intense.
  • At times I feel moody, when all I want to do is nest and nap and hang on the couch. I just want to "be" with my body and process everything happening. It's hard to think right now, to do the brain-stimulating work I still need to do. 
  • And at times I feel so excited about the weeks to come! Setting up the nursery. Baby showers. Spending time with special people. Wrapping up work. And inching closer. Closer. Closer.

  • Going to ParentExpo at Get Babied and winning an awesome (bright red!) Britax stroller and car seat from The Bump Club. Double awesome because I had been dreading picking out a stroller (too many variables!). It was a surprise, a bright spot because this was the day the baby wasn't moving for awhile and then this came at the end of it. Such a roller coaster of emotion that day.
  • Going to a meet and greet at a pediatrician and realizing that I was going to have a real life baby soon - out here - in the real world!
  • Going to Ikea (with my gracious parents who helped haul to my house) and buying furniture for the nursery. It is a relief to know the boxes are in my garage... waiting to be assembled. Let the games begin.


  1. Following your blog and your pregnancy adventure. I'm excited for you! All the best with the last couple of months. The first baby is SO special. I think I remember more about the details of my first pregnancy than my last! It's great you are keeping a blog/journal! (There were no blog options 28 years ago, when my first was born!)

  2. Wow ... so much is happening in your world. How fantastic that you won such a great prize ... I love anything that helps make a decision process null and void! ;)

    Take care, and best of luck with the maxi dress search.

  3. As always you look beautiful!

    I remember the first time I hadn't felt the baby kick in a long time. I was in a Trader Joes and I really started to panic. Then I got in the car and was crying and talking to the baby and poking my tummy, saying Please Move! Well obviously he finally did move, but in that moment I also realized just how attached I was to that little baby.

    Congrats on winning the stroller and car seat! That is huge!!! We love our Britax car seat!!!

  4. Congrats on stroller and car seat. Even my husband was impressed with that haul. So when did you finally feel the baby move that day?

  5. You look great! Congrats on winning the car seat & stroller! Nice to have those off the list without spending a dime. I love Ikea by the way. :)

  6. When I was pregnant for the first time there was a time when I felt the baby hadn't moved in a long time. Somewhere I read to eat a full sized candy bar and then lie down and wait. Sure enough, the baby started moving again not soon after.

  7. You are in the home stretch! Be kind to yourself. You look fantastic even if you don't feel so. Surround yourself with things that make you smile... good books, fresh flowers, friends that make you laugh. This is the time for those indulgences. I am getting so excited!