Phoning a friend

Do you ever have those days when you want to phone a friend? Just to talk and tell them all the little teeny tiny things on your mind?  That's how I feel tonight, in the murky rainy twilight. I want to tell someone about...

The sinus headache I mysteriously woke up with this morning, that sapped my energy all day, making me wonder how on earth I think I'm going to be super natural birth granola mama if I can't hack a headache.

The horrid smell of garlic gone bad that I know is coming from somewhere in my kitchen pantry, which I can't seem to locate. I may have to throw everything away.

The pride I have that I'm almost done assembling my Ikea dresser, mostly on my own.

The embarrassing fact that I finally gave in and looked up spoilers for Downton Abbey today because I couldn't bear it any longer - not knowing whether Matthew and Mary get together or not. And no, I'm not telling you what I found out.

How silly (and relieved) I feel that my plans for the evening consist of watching The Bachelor and assembling the last two drawers. Btw. am I the only one watching The Bachelor who thinks the guy is kind of a tool, but the girls are fun to watch?


  1. I don't watch The Bachelor but saw a commercial for it just today and thought the guy looks like a dweeb - totally not attractive at all!

  2. Hello! The girls are the ONLY reason to watch the Bachelor. Hot messes all of them.
    I can't believe you looked up DA spoilers! You're so naughty! But you're very pregnant and pregnancy does strange things to women. :)
    So don't tell... but I think they will be together in the end!

  3. I hate headaches of any kind and suffered with migraines for years...natural childbirth was a piece of cake for me and would have had 12 children if I could...LOL head pain is a whole different animal... and I love Downton Abbey...I get the feeling their love will be thwarted...:) I 'll wait tho...Have a wonderful weekend!!! Hope you find that garlic!