Too good not to share - New Year edition

Favorite things this week...

My 2012 Planner from Kitsch Kitchen. I bought it in Paris at Antoine et Lilie and it's so quirky and cute. I'm loving writing in to-dos and reminders for each day. It's making me feel more with it in this time of change.

Banana Bran muffins from The Pastry Queen. I'm addicted to these. When I run out I have to make a new batch to stock in the freezer. They're just so awfully good for a bran muffin.

This Paris plate by Natalie Lete, a Christmas present from my husband. I love the way it looks, but it also means so much to me, a lovely souvenir. The only problem? I now want to start a collection of Natalie Lete plates.

Raspberri Cupcakes. I probably wouldn't make any of these creative confections or concoctions, but gosh they're fun to look at.

Katie's Pencil Box. The latest blog I've gotten stuck in, browsing back through past pages: Maybe because she's a redhead too. Maybe because she has pretty photos. And incredible funky style. It's the sort of photographic blog I fantasize about having in another life.

And then there is One Sheepish Girl. Brilliant name for a blog. And it's these kind of photos that simply but prettily capture the nesting things of life that I love, that I wish I could capture the way she does. I don't knit, but she makes me want to.

Happy New Year. Happy January. Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Oooh! I love that planner and that plate is so cute!
    Thanks for turning me on to One Sheepish Girl! Love it!

  2. That's exactly the of planner I've been hunting for! I like to have a lot of space for each day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Is it just awful how addicted I am to planners considering that I don't care much for actually planning? ;)
    And thanks for sharing the blogs. I've recently been challenging myself (beyond scarves and hats ;) in the knitting department, and beautiful blogs are so encouraging.

  4. Very cute agenda!

    Funny, I've considered "collecting" Nathalie Lete plates, too, but have so far resisted!