It's a chilly night in December. The sun's just been down an hour. And I'm sitting in the haze of white Christmas lights, eating cheese and crackers, dreaming of the next novel I want to write.  I have already met the characters, have rough sketches of them in mind, although I suspect I don't know them nearly well enough yet, their contours and quirks. I have scenes in mind, fragments of the whole, pictures of moments I've dreamed of.

There is a piano teacher, a costume party, a spoiled daughter in her mother's red dress, a spring rain shower, an unexpected stranger on the back porch who isn't what he seems, a hovering auntie, an unhappy provision in a father's will, a secret stash of cigars in the stable, a scandalous appearance of a child, passive-aggressive embroidery, a confrontation at a train station, a walk by a creek and what I hope is an irresistibly unfolding love story. 

All bits and pieces to be woven together.

It all sounds very Jo March, doesn't it? Ha! Perhaps I should stoke a winter fire, because I know how hard the weaving is. I'm not sure it's time, but I'm dreaming...

I've been missing writing lately. I've had a good long break from it, letting myself just "be" in this time of transition, but I've found something's missing, a little itch that won't go away.


  1. It's exciting when the creative juices begin to flow...intrigued by the 'passive-aggressive embroidery'...can't wait to hear more...

  2. I've been missing the writing lately too ... but it's nice to know there's always something brewing in the background.

    Your thoughts on weaving a story together are beautifully said. Enjoy the dreaming (and the writing). xx

  3. Very Interesting characters!! I agree with Deb..the passive -aggressive embroidery is very intriguing!!

    I admire people like yourself who can weave characters like that into a story...I like the use of the term weave in reference to writing a novel...that is exactly what it is..

    Happy Creating!! :)