Too good not to share - Let's get lost

On a non-frivolous note, I loved this post this week: I Am on a Beautiful Ripple Effect And now everything else you are about to read is entirely frivolous!

Thanks for all your fabulous blog suggestions last week! I really loved them and had such fun exploring. Here's a few things I've been getting lost in lately...

I want to move into her house, just for a month and write a novel, while eating French pastries. Do you think I would get fat? I think so. Maybe not if I took walks around Paris everyday.

But I also want to live in A Beach Cottage. I do. I really do. I love her headless fashion posts too - comfy, accessible, but still stylin'.

I think I've landed on the secret that seems to divide blah fashion from "omg, you look so cute!" fashion. The answer? Layers. And accessories. Take the photo above for example. Isn't it casual cute? But imagine it without the blazer, the scarf and the ruffly flats. Just cargo pants and a grey t-shirt. It's akin to going out in sweat pants or pajamas. Add on the layers and suddenly it's fashion.

I stumbled across Cakies in roundabout fashion as I usually do. One of the sites I've found myself liking in this pregnito state is Babble and there was a post on fashionable pregnant bloggers. One of them was Cakies. I visited and was hooked. I love her style (bold, fearless, colorful, but not commercially homogenized), and the vintage casual mix and match style she dresses her daughters in. And the parties she throws! (party 1, party 2, party 3). I will admit to party envy. Throwing cool parties feels so beyond me, but I can look at the pictures and enjoy.

What are you planning on enjoying this weekend? I'm so excited! I'm going to see some super cool modern homes in this AIA Austin Homes Tour!

Happy Friday!


  1. High of 61 tomorrow here. CANNOT wait. There will be hot cocoa and something pumpkin-y on tap. Probably potato soup for dinner. Hubby should be home (finally) by Sunday.

  2. There are so many things I can get 'lost' in ... reveling in that time spent losing oneself. I have often wondered what it would be like to spend a weekend at each Home of a Blog we adore the decor of & see how each environment & Style affects us, inspires us, influence us, perhaps even change us? The exposure to so many different Styles & Lifestyles would be a wonderful experience I think... and so enriching and telling about ourselves & what we respond to.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian