Why I can't stop thrifting

I haven't been thrifting ALOT, not like I used to several years ago, but I still get that urge every now and then.

The thrifting animal in me will never die, not when I find things like this bamileke stool at my local 90% off store (otherwise known as the Goodwill outlet). It was worn as if it's been sitting outdoors and looked like children had been doodling on it. It was $2.99. It went into my cart immediately.

It was so similar to this bamileke table for almost $1500 at Jayson home and garden.

Or this one for almost $1,000 at Pieces Atlanta (one of my favorite inspirations).

Where was I going to put it? What color would I paint it? Who cares. It was going in my cart. Now it awaits the rejuvenating touch of my paint brush. It isn't perfect. Even after a coat of paint, it will have it's cracks, but for $2.99? Sold!

I love this sizzling red version. It's tempting to paint it some hot tropical color, like coral, yellow, turquoise, kelly green, fuschia or royal blue. But I'm leaning towards beachy white right now.

What do you think? Bold color? Or classic white?


  1. Oooo!that's amazing.I love treasure hunting.

  2. Very good find!

    Coral sounds good to me.

  3. I say go bold or go home!! I LOVE that. My husband groans every time he sees me holding a Goodwill bag, which just encourages me even more.

  4. Nice find!!! I love thrifting.
    I would say Go Bold! If it's too much you can always go back to white.

  5. cracks are necessary. they tell the story.
    marvelous find though!!!

  6. Great find! I'd go bold, but that's just because I don't do much white besides dishes and lace curtains...

  7. I say go bold! It won't show tiny fingerprints later down the road :) SCORE!!

  8. I love that most people are urging me to go bold. Giving me the courage to do what I might have been too timid to do. I'm thinking bigger and bolder now! :-)

  9. Wow, I truly LOVE what you did with this piece. You have inspired me! I love the bold color of the apple red. Fit perfectly in your living room, accenting with your throw pillows. Ugh, I just love creative people. I can't wait to see what you do next!

  10. Didn't realize you were still considering! GO BOLD! No hesitation here for me. Pick an accent color in your living room and DO IT! :)