Time for a Lorelai Gilmore Day

I declare a blog holiday.  

I've been under duress lately, and as my husband so wisely said "something's got to give".  Blogging is one of my joys, but a voluntary one.  So for now "it's gotta give".  For the next week I won't be posting, reading or commenting - a self-imposed digital holiday.

During this holiday, I'd like to:
1. Restore order to my home.
2. Give a little more care and attention to my poor body - naps, walks, salads, wrist rest, hair styling!
3. Focus on writing. Of course, what else?
4. Read some of those dangling unfinished books that are bugging me.  So I can start new ones of course!
5. Have a Lorelai Gilmore day.  Huh, you say? What the heck is a Lorelai Gilmore day?  If you never watched the Gilmore Girls, I will fill you in.  It consists of renting silly movies and eating junk food while wearing your pajamas and sitting around with a friend making witty comments. 

Happy Holidays!  And I'll see you next week.


  1. "Witty comments" at an impossibly fast tempo...

    You'll be missed, but enjoy. Especially naps - I'm a big proponent of naps. My 4 year old may be outgrowing them, but I have yet to!

  2. I love Lorelai Gilmore days. Two summers ago I was massively pregnant with my little girl and it was hot as all can be outside. So much that I was for the most part resigned to couch that last month. Anyways to cheer me up, I would watch Gilmore Girl marathons. I love that show. You just can not be sad after watching them. I have not yet found another show to fill that void.

  3. I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS!! I have all the seasons and when I come home I always watch them with my mom. The day I left for college, we watched the episode when Rory left for college and my mom started crying. So many memories! I fully support Lorelai Gilmore Days! :)

  4. I'm glad I'm not alone in my affection for the Gilmore Girls. I keep waiting for them to be available on Netflix streaming!