Blog lovers, unite!

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Some have said "Blogs are dead" or that if you don't blog a certain way, your blog doesn't deserve to exist and to that I say "Whatever".  I'm an entrenched blog lover and I suspect there are millions like me.

If you love to read, follow, comment and write in the blogosphere, well I say, "Hello, nice to meet you. And I do too!"

I was a blog lover years before I started my own blog. When I finally took the leap the range and intensity of emotions I felt took me by surprise.  Sheer fun.  Terror.  Disappointment.  And then fun again. Learning curves. Pain in my wrists from being on the laptop too much. Covering my eyes and hitting publish on a post I was nervous to put out there.  Heart-warming sensations from reading comments and making new connections.

Even though I'm not currently what you might call a pro-blogger, I love it and take it seriously.  Blogging is both an art and experience, and sometimes I just wish I could sit down and have a heart to heart with fellow bloggers about blogging.

So imagine my surprise (delight, glee) when one of my favorite bloggers, Alison at BrocanteHome came out with two amazing resources for bloggers within the same week.

First up was the Blog Planner.  Gee whiz, there is a lot in this thing.  I haven't been very organized with my blog - keeping track of posts, readers, theme changes, stats, etc.  But wow. If I have no excuses now.  There is almost nothing this Blog Planner doesn't include - including of all things, directions for what to do with your blog after your unfortunate demise, which, while a gloomy thought, is actually a needed one.

Then I was doing cartwheels when I found Alison's starting a brand spanking new blog called Blogging for Girls  I can't do it justice here - so you must go visit, but it promises to be not only informational, but inspirational as well.  So if you're a femme-blogger spread the word and join in!

Happy Friday!

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