Monday, time for a little dreaming - Dream jobs, anyone?

It's Monday and  we have to get up an extra hour early due to the time change. I need a good injection of fantasy alongside my black coffee.  So I'm dreaming.  Dreaming of dream jobs.  The sorts of wild, crazy things that make me go ooh and ahhh.

My dreamiest dream jobs:

  • Novelist - of course! 
  • Color predictor at Pantone - Seriously.  Would love this.
  • Writer of Anthropologie's newsletters or even more fun - Namer of Anthropologie's clothes for their catalogs - tee hee!
  • Travel writer - Adventure. Finally time - and an excuse - to see more of the world.
  • Food writer- Yum!  But I don't know if my "bottom line" could handle this job.
  • Interior stylist - Especially if I can wear quirky couture like Kelly Wearstler and pick up bits and bobs in Morocco.
  • Pastry chef - Hand me a frilly apron and just let me bake cupcakes and pies all day in a Southern style home town bakery. 
  • Set designer for movies - I'm in awe of how set designers create an artistic sense of place and time.

What are your dream jobs? Feel free to comment - or write a post on your blog and link to it!  I'd love to know :-)  Dream with me...


  1. Well, I'd choose just about any of the dream jobs you mentioned for yourself--plus, I'd probably add owning and working in a lovely little bookshop!

  2. Mine are as follows:
    - Travel Writer
    - Catalog namer/description writer
    - Own or work in a book store

    Looks like we are all congregating along the same lines :)

  3. oh, and nail polish namer for OPI :)

  4. personal shopper for very rich people

  5. Nannie to very famous movie star.You see at both jobs I would be using other peoples money to buy stuff and travel- heehee what fun

  6. Can I just be an official quality controller for Anthropologie - and be paid in merchandise? Would be SO worth it.

  7. These are ALL awesome. You've just given me so many nice new fantasies!

  8. Oh, what a fantastic post Valerie!!
    But you have left me thinking that you somehow managed to get yourself into my mind and find out my absolute all time dream jobs!!!! ;)

    Novelist would definitely be my no.1 too, but I would very happily be any of the other wonderful professions on your list too ... surely a girl (or two) can happily dream of such wonderful possibilities!?! :)

  9. I adore your dream jobs. They are lovely because I share so many of them. I'd love to be a novelist.

    dream jobs:
    clothing designer
    travel writer

  10. I would LOVE to be a color trend forecaster at Pantone!!! Best job ever! :)