Too good not to share - pretty and happy edition

It's been a heavy week for me soulwise, so I'm lightening it up with things I've found that made me smile.

 I am always curious how things are done, how things are made.  I always wish I could see behind the scenes.  And now... I can. This fun video shows how the creative minds at Anthropologie create their window displays.

I haven't been able to resist picking up the Where Women Cook magazines.  Sort of a guilty pleasure.  Even better... check out the blog  from the people who make Where Women Create and Where Women Cook!

Sometimes I just love pretty and happy.  And Bluebird Notes is such a pretty blog with colors and images that make me happy.

And finally, Friday often seems like such a good movie night!  I so do NOT need this web site in my life, but I so DO!  It's called When It Drops.  And it tells you in this simple format about new movies, video releases, music releases and book releases - this week and in the next two weeks.  Perfect for surveying when the next good chick flick is coming out.

Happy Friday!


  1. Ahhhh, love the Anthro window video! I just did a post on how gorgeous and inspiring their windows are. :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on Bubby & Bean. I'm following you now too!


  2. I adore Anthropologie ... I think I spend way too much time ogling all their beautiful things. I loved finding out more about those gorgeous window displays ... here's to more pretty time wasting! :)