Too good not to share

While I was out looking for unicorns and glitter I found some things I wanted to share!  Here's what delighted me recently:

This is the year to be who you know you are by Abby Kerr Ink.  Chills up spine reading this post, especially this part:
I’ll get where I want to go when I start living the life of the person I know myself to be…immediately, with the very next action I take.

After watching Eat Pray Love recently (btw, there's a great post on that movie here on the Fairytale Hausfrau blog), I was curious and went on a little Elizabeth Gilbert internet hunt. And that's now I found the Savvy Auntie web site and upcoming book via this interview with Elizabeth Gilbert talking about the Auntie Brigade.This site made me feel happy/sad. Happy, that someone out there is saying "Hey, there's lots of ladies who love kids and are nurturing loving creatures, who just don't happen to be moms and they need a community that recognizes them." Rock on. Right on. Just sad that we sometimes feel so overlooked or misunderstood that we desperately need a community like that to recognize we're nurturing loving women too.

The FANTASY of being thin - This post by Kelly Diels totally pins the tail on that annoying donkey that's been bugging me my whole life - the desire to be thinner than I am. Wowza. Insight. Because that's the thing. It's not really about being thin is it? It's about what you think being thin means. And I quote:
Because, you see, the Fantasy of Being Thin is not just about becoming small enough to be perceived as more acceptable. It is about becoming an entirely different person – one with far more courage, confidence, and luck than the fat you has.
Totally inspiring to have the guts to start living life the way you want to now, instead of thinking some external circumstantial thing has to happen first.

Free People has a blog called BLDG 25! I'm a bit of an Anthro freak.  I admit this to be true. I've thought the people at Urban Outfitters were geniuses for a while now (they're the brains behind Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People and now BHLDN). And the opportunity for a glimpse behind the scenes at the creativity and inspiration happening is so fun for me. NOW, if only Anthropologie would start a blog. It can't be long.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. What a wonderful, inspirational post!

    This sentence touched me too..."Hey, there's lots of ladies who love kids and are nurturing loving creatures, who just don't happen to be moms and they need a community that recognizes them."

    I must admit that I'm feeling rather left out of many blogging circles simply because I'm not a mother...take 'CyberMummy'for example; I'd relish the chance to meet other bloggers at a blogging conference but I can't go because I'm not a parent. Ouch. I share your happy/sad feeling about that quote, and also am happy/sad that someone else has found the same and it's not just all my bitterness-es (is that a word?!) raising their ugly heads. xx

  2. Oh God, how much do I love Anthro? When I was super pregnant and took a birthing class, they told us to think of a peaceful place to give birth, and I swear that I thought of the Anthro store. The light, the smell, it's all so alluring. I would have given birth there if the allowed it.