Looking for unicorns and glitter

 *via egerard

I love blogs, okay?  For about six years now.  So you won't find me collectively lambasting them here.  But I have found myself in this pattern lately.... Whenever I'm feeling restless in the soul I find my fingers wandering the keyboard, roaming the blogosphere in search of... something.  I do not know what I am in search of.

The answer to my restlessness. Inspiration.  The hidden key to happiness. Cute pictures of baby kittens.  A eureka moment.  An indie music video on YouTube.  A kindred spirit. A book recommendation for the book that would whisk me away. An easy recipe for croissants.  A diet to lose belly fat by eating a rainbow of macaroons while wearing pink sequined slippers. A free scholarship to a three month writer's retreat in Paris that also involves copious eating of macaroons. 

Or in the words of that annoying insurance commercial girl, "Unicorns and glitter".

What is it that I'm looking for?  Because I oh so rarely find it.

But I've realized that I already know what I'm looking for.  I already know what will make me happier. But it requires action and it's tempting to keep looking outside of myself, hoping something easier and more magical will come along.

I don't need an article about how to be happy.  I don't need an ebook on how to start a new career.  I don't need a 10 day bootcamp workout.  I don't need top twenty tips on tweeting on twitter.

I simply need to step away from the computer and wash the dirty dishes in my sink.  Then I need to make a cup of tea, and finish reading that book I started too long ago.  Then I need to take a walk and get some fresh air.  Then I need to call a friend. Then I need to go to a coffee shop and write a scene.  That is all.

Blogs are "lover-ly" as Audrey would say in My Fair Lady.  But sometimes they get out of hand.  And I just need to learn when I have that restless feeling to quit looking for the answer somewhere outside of me.

Anyone else having trouble unplugging these days? (And yes I recognize the irony of asking that question on a blog).


  1. Me, too--absolutely! I've felt particularly uninspired recently. Just yesterday I started thinking about what might help, and my list of things to try looks quite a bit like yours. Now, to get going on that!

  2. So True. I can waste days, just messing around in blog land. then wonder why I don't seem to have got much done!! I have to be strict and only give myself limited time, doesn't always work

  3. Agreed. I've spent the last couple of days browsing blogs and not getting much else done. I think it's because I feel restless in myself at the moment. Going back to your earlier post about finding who you are - I think I sometimes use blogs to validate my identity. Stupid thing is, I'm right here - not out there!

  4. My perception is that you do quite a lot! The "noise" of all of the thoughts I read on other blogs can get a bit deafening, but you are always a nice place to stop by. But, I totally get that feeling of being overwhelmed. I'm constantly trying to step back and reassess my intentions with my own blog, my own life. It's exhausting. :)

  5. Um, did you open my head and look inside? Because I think you looked at all my thoughts of late and wrote them down into this post.
    Every. Word.

  6. Hi Valerie! Long time! Cause I've taken an accidental Internet break, kind of/sort of. :) I've simply been too busy, and was awfully surprised when I signed on this morning and discovered that I have just completely missed One World One Heart. Didn't even know it happened. :) But I getting to so many of those things that I need to see through! This week, I am finishing up the preparations for something that I have wanted for a long time! And DOING it! {Teaching stained glass/soldered charm workshops}. So excited! Eeee! I keep promising myself a day of bloggy indulgence when I have a down day. My "follower" numbers are dropping like rocks, and I am having a really wonderful time. I was in a "putting my money where my mouth is" sort of a place. Don't think for a minute that I'm advocating a bloggy sit out! I sure want all of my favorites there when I want them to be there. I'm such a hypocrite! :) I do hope all is well with your coffee shop creative endeavors!