Tired of skinnies

I am tired of skinny jeans (and leggings too).  Well I don't hate them really.  I just want a little fresh breeze of change.

You see I really like this look, so gorgeously captured by Vanessa Jackman on her blog. The late seventies slightly high-waisted jeans look with a boho, beachy girl twist.

But I'm afraid that I can't pull it off.  I'm a pear supreme, who's pear-shaped bottom is rather a size too large from a winter of sugar indulgence at the moment.

And I don't know if I can find this style in stores.  My prediction, it will be everywhere soon.  The tides will turn against the skinny jeans silhouette within a year or two and suddenly everyone will be in wide legs.  But I can't seem to find them right darn now.

And not only do I need this style.  I need this style in a cut that fits my particular pear shaped bottom. And that is even more of a challenge. In the meantime I will just soak in the inspiration.


  1. Bell bottoms are back!!!!!!!Always loved them and still do. I think they look good on everyone if the fit is right. There is just something flirty and feminine about them I think. But that is just me. I need to buy a pair or two soon...like AS SOON AS WE GET RID OF ALL OF THIS ICE AND SNOW!!!!:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Yes, agree... it's hard to get in the mood to shop when it's so nasty going out. Of course, who am I to speak? I live in Texas! But I often don't feel like getting out to go shop until spring. In March - that's when you have to hold me back. And that's when I'll go looking for my pair of flares too!