Act like it

Something came to me just recently.  Words.  Out of the blue. "Act like a writer."

If I want to be a writer (a professional, published one, that is), then I need to start acting like a writer.  Living like a writer. Doing the things writers do.  It's time to stop wishing.  It's time to start being. I knew instantly how true those words were.  It was immediate inspiration to get off my duff and take the next step.

What this means for me - right now - is this:

Writing - regularly - at least 2 hours a day.  This is the easy part, I just have to get back into that flow that was so engrossing prior to surgery, holidays, and vacation.

Getting involved in my local writing community - taking full advantage of what's already available.  Meeting other writers.  Going to classes, workshops, social events. 

Getting ready for the next Writer's League of Texas conference.  Last year I wasn't fully prepared, but there's no reason I can't be this time.  Not to mention I'm realizing I really should, SHOULD, enter into the manuscript contest this year.  Duh!

I'm nervous about it though...  nervy, nervy girl.  Am I ready for this?  Will they think I stink? What category do I enter?  Mainstream fiction, romance, sci-fi/fantasy?  My current work-in-progress has elements of all three and I hate to have to choose.  But I should do this.  I really should do this.  And I have a deadline.  That should help.

If I want to be published, there's no getting over it.  I must put myself and my work out there.  Heavens help me.

Is there anything you've ever jumped into before you "felt ready"?  And did it pay off? Please tell me it paid off! ;-)


  1. This is very much like what I'm doing now, with my artwork. I'm trying to get things together, get some of my work printed, and start trying to sell it. I don't know if I'm ready, but it doesn't seem to matter - as soon as I started taking actual steps toward getting my work ready to sell, it started selling.

    It may be that you're never quite "ready" to take the plunge of putting your work out in public for everyone to see. So perhaps the trick is in deciding to do it anyway.

    Has my jump paid off? I don't know. I'm not ready to quit my day job just yet, but I've learned a lot simply by taking the jump. So...yeah. That alone makes it successful, as far as I'm concerned.

    Take the leap. I look forward to seeing where you land!

  2. Thanks Stephanie. You are right "taking actual steps" is the key. And I guess if a person never takes "actual steps" they'll never get anywhere. Bravo to you for doing that as an artist.