Glued to the tele: Downton Abbey

I've been loving Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Theater.  Sitting on the couch last Sunday, my husband said to me with a suspicious look, "Are you enjoying this?"

"YES," I said, "I AM." 

And now I can't wait for the conclusion this weekend.  I love the upstairs-downstairs mix of characters, the dueling old upper crust ladies, the gorgeous costumes, and of course the romance you didn't see coming (Matthew and Mary), and the one you did (John Bates and Anna - my two favorite characters). It's just the right mix - not an overwhelming gush of romance, not too sweet.  There is bite and spice and realism to round it out.  This sort of entertainment that doesn't come often enough.

If you've missed it... people, people!  Stop wasting time. You can watch it online right now on PBS! (At least if you are in the US, so my apologies if you're not!)

Happy weekend!


  1. Popped on over here from Rachelle's blog. First of all, Downton Abbey...absolutely gorgeous! And your blog? Can't wait to read more!

  2. I am so excited about this series. Unfortunately I missed the start of it, so I am bummed about that. But it will be streaming on Netflix on 2/9, so I don't have to wait too long to see it.

  3. Love this show! Actually got my husband to watch it with me - first time that's ever happened, and he loves it! Great historical reference piece. I love the costumes and social commentary. Looking forward to the next episode.

  4. So I knew that Downton Abbey would have a "season 2" and that I wouldn't exactly have closure. But the way it ended.... aargh! I wanted to strangle Mary and Matthew. Yes - I am cursed with the desire for happy endings.

  5. I really enjoyed Downton Abbey. I ordered the UK version from amazon.com. A number of scenes were deleted in the PBS presentation. I can't wait to see the extra bits!