Movie for a Bohemian Season: Tron Legacy

Yes, you did read that correctly. 

I haven't seen a Movie for a Bohemian Season for awhile - one that inspires me down deep.  But when I saw Tron: Legacy  - yes that's right, Tron: Legacy - I just knew I had to write about it.  It isn't the greatest film ever, okay?  Although visually and musically it's cool, especially if you are a period film girly-girl with a secret love for sci fi, like me.

But the reason it's a Movie for a Bohemian Season is its message.  Yes, it's a film with a "message" that's not very subtle.  But it was so personally resonant I had to share.

One of the characters, Kevin Flynn (the creator of the digital world called The Grid) creates a clone of himself called Clu and gives this clone a mission to create a perfect world.  Problems arise when Flynn realizes that there is amazing beauty and potential and power in organic digital lifeforms called Iso but Isos aren't perfect and Clu sets about destroying them. The rest of the film follows Flynn and other characters as they try to rescue the world from Clu - a perfectionist run amok.

It's not hard to see the message here - when we aim at perfection and control and order at the expense of everything else, we destroy beauty and potential and life and love - all these things that might arrive in a messy package. And sometimes it's the screwed up programs in our own heads that set out to destroy us. That's a message that means a lot to a reformed perfectionist like me.

Oh yeah, and Flynn's cave hideout apartment is so super cool! Check out this LA Times article about the set design to see more.


  1. I'm glad to read your review, as my husband is wanting to go see this soon! I remember the original "Tron"...