My top ten blog posts of the year

December marks my 1 year anniversary of blogging.  This was a collage I put together of inspirations - what I wanted my blog to be.

And here's my Top Ten Favorite posts from the first year...

1. My philosophy in a nutshell: How to have a bohemian season!

2. Movies for a Bohemian Season - the movies that really touched my heart.(Multiple posts here!)

3. What I read and why: Defending the reader's right to pleasure

4. A little crochet-obsessed lately

5. The pace of things or why the Mori girls have it right

6. Starting from scratch

7. Mad Men board games: What shall I be? The exciting games of career girls

8. On shoes and courage

9. Paris intrigue

10. My Chick Flicks guides (multiple posts here!)

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