My favorite nail polish colors of 2010

So I didn't set out to end up with a nail polish color collection akin to Imelda Marcos' shoe collection.  But once I started I couldn't stop.  Is that any kind of defense?

So without any further adieu, these are my favorites!

From left to right:
Emerald City

The "It" Color
Ocean Love Potion 

 From left to right:

Turning Heads Red

Mod Squad

My favorite polishes tend to be those that are frost-free and are in bold, surprising colors. Essie and Hard Candy are my favorite nail polish brands.

For those of you ladies who think you can't do your own nails, you can!  It just takes a little practice and the right tools (most importantly, good base coat and quick drying top coat).  My manicures aren't perfect, as you'll see by the photos, but I shared my tips here.

 I'm pondering painting my nails a light blue for Christmas...  sort of a frosty, snowy winter motif. 

Happy Holiday nails!

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  1. LOVE all of these colors! I do hope your xmas nails have a bit of glitter, along with you holiday! -Kelly