Lost in Tumblr

 *via Robot Heart, originally via Orlex

This is not my exact sentiment, but it's close enough to the truth to make me chuckle!  No offense to those of you who are avid Facebookers!

But I have recently been enjoying a tour through Tumblr, exploring these beautiful little pictorials and losing hours in them.

It started because I have a private blog I use just to post imagery that inspires me for my novel - it's sort of an online collage.  I seek out images - pictures of characters, images of moods, settings - anything I can tap into.  And I've found myself spending hours on Tumblr.  Visual inspiration is amazing.  Picture = 1K words, etc.

Can I admit something though?  I have mixed feelings at times about all of this beauty. Sometimes looking at all of these images puts me in a funk. Sometimes I wish I could capture magic in a photo like that.  Sometimes I wonder if my life is less magical because my photos are crap. If my photos are ugly, does that mean my life is ugly?  Of course that sounds utterly ridiculous, but things have a way of getting twisted in the brain.  But sometimes I wonder how this beautiful but mad online world will affect the way I view things...

Sometimes it seems as if I wish I could step into the world of the photo and live there.  But it's just that, a photo.  Not a real life. And sometimes it seems as if the constant quest for things of beauty in still shots, just another one, and another one and another one to infinity, keep me from living an actual real life. And then of course, I can't help but feel iffy about all the copyright issues around all these photos being posted that I'm still not comfortable with.  If anyone knows more about that tell me!

In spite of all that, I still enjoy a good Tumblr when I'm in the mood... These are some of my faves right now:

This puts the D in Dreamy - almost every image is moody and melancholy yet beautiful.

*via Chocolate Therapy, originally via???

Dreamy images of unmade beds, kitty kats, girls with long hair and macaroons.

Yellow shoes and vintage inspired images and beautiful homes and yummy food.

I love the name - a mother lode of inspiration.

*Via Robot Heart, originally via Daydream Lily

A little more edgy with a definite Bones (tv show) obsession, which I think is funny, because I like that show - not that obsessed though!

*via Brocante Home, originally via Daydream Lily

Gorgeous.  I have lost hours on this looking at the inspiring home decor and quirky quotes.

Do you have any favorite Tumblrs? Do share!