Hello November

Things I'm looking forward to in November...

  • Wearing tights (and boots).  I dream of tights in every color and pattern.The more fun the better! I just  wish labels on tights were not, however, so deceptive.  I hate buying a pair only to discover they make me feel like a sausage. Then I want to sue the manufacturers. 
  • Taking a week off work - oh boy, oh boy, I've been waiting for this.  Not going anywhere.  Not doing anything.  Heaven.

  • I want to make my own crochet version of this blanket inspired by The Royal Sisters and Dottie Angel.
  • Hubby and I have been talking about several different home projects that might happen, but who knows... New bathroom faucets maybe?  Or maybe this chair I've fallen in love with?
  • My favorite meal of the year - Ye olde traditional Thanksgiving dinner - Turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie and pecan pie
  • Turning to draft 2 of my novel.  Rewrite time, baby!  My first reaction to the word rewrite is cringing in fear.  I haven't had a lot of positive experiences with this phase.  But I've decided to start to turn this around and be positive and tell myself I CAN do it and try to look at it in new ways.  I'm also going to try some fresh (for me at least) approaches to rewriting.
  • Cooking from my new cookbook: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  This is my favorite kind of food to cook - quick, simple, non-fussy but still fresh and a little bit sophisticated. 
  • I haven't been reading very much, other than writing books.  Which is the one bummer I'm discovering about intense phases of writing!
  • Picking a new calendar for 2011 (wow, did I just say that? I'm not sure I'm ready for 2011 yet).  Picking a calendar is fun for me.  I look for something that emotionally resonates or somehow symbolizes how I'm feeling abut the new year.
What are you looking forward to in November?


    1. I'm looking forward to knitting, working on my screenplay, baking fall goodies, and reading lots of books! Love your list!

    2. I love Jamie's Food Revolution--think I'll make something from it later this week. We'll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a group of friends--it's my favorite meal of the year, too. And at the end of the month, Christmas markets start here. Also, I may be doing NaNo--I'm signed up but not entirely committed yet! Good luck with your rewrite!

    3. My fave recipe so far from Jamie's Food Revolution is the Chicken and Leek Stroganoff. Insanely good!