Happy Friday, Bon Jovi Hair

Happy Friday.  I apologize for this utterly self-indulgent post, but I must share this observation, as it's quite deep. 

You see, with my new haircut, when I let it air dry, with all my waves and volume I somehow end up with 80s rocker hair like Bon Jovi or Def Leppard - without doing a bit of work for it.  And I am rather amazed... 

Because you see, I came of age during the late 80s.  I remember distinctly those days of big bangs, teased and hairsprayed.  I remember girls who got wave perms to add more volume and crimping irons.  I remember all of this effort required to get one's hair into a hairsprayed rock and roll helmet. 

And now, voila!  My hair does it totally on it's own.  How is this possible?  Quelle miracle!  Oh, I am such a lucky, lucky gal.

(Tongue in cheek, for those of you who have never been exposed to my humor)