Today I'm feeling... soft

Actual color = Petal Pusher by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

It's nice to switch gears and do something so feminine and classic once in awhile.  This Sally Hansen nail polish had this super-wide brush applicator that at first made me nervous, but worked quite well.  The only thing I didn't like it was having to apply three coats to get the level of opacity I wanted.

I was inspired by this pretty, soft pinky-beige sweater in The Edge of Love. See the rest of my nail polish color collection inspired by The Edge of Love.


  1. I have not seen that movie! Is it out? It looks gorgeous though. And I love all your nail colors coordinated with their clothes! Fun!

  2. The Edge of Love is out on video. It was one of those that sailed right through the theaters. Although I'm a little confused by what does make it into the theaters sometimes and what doesn't and why ;-)

  3. Oh, Valerie! Somehow, I think I would have suspected you as a Janeite! We're all out, now!

    P.S. I watch more movies than you can imagine after your reviews! Thanks for that!