Blushing... Unveiling a new guest column on BrocanteHome

 I'm blushing today.  I'm so excited to share this...

BrocanteHome has been one of my favorite blogs ever since I began reading blogs years ago.  It's inspired me to tie on a vintage apron and get my house in order, to make the little things special in life, and to pick up many a book.  And it's been one of my inspirations to begin blogging.  Alison has always felt like a kindred spirit - creative, honest, nurturing, and reflective not to mention her lighthearted, feminine, vintage signature style. 

And now I have the chance to have a regular guest column called Bohemian Season at Brocante!
It's kicking off today with an interview Alison did with me where (as usual) I reveal all.  Go check it out and say hi ;-)

If you came to visit today from BrocanteHome, I'm rolling out the welcome mat and thrilled about connecting with more kindred spirits.


  1. Well hello there! Just finished reading your lovely interview at Brocante Home. Nice to "meet" you!

  2. You go, girl! That is awesome!

  3. What a lovely new adventure you have embarked on! Très excitant!
    I am very happy for you! I have already been there . . . it was so much fun to see you there!
    Many, many heartfelt congratultions!

  4. I'm here! Alison always has good recommendations!
    Nice to meet you :) Let's hang out :)

  5. Did you crochet/knit (I'm too ignorant of the subject to tell the difference) your headband and bow?


  6. Thanks for the comments, I love meeting fellow dreamers!

    I did crochet the headband myself. It was so fun. I actually did it several months ago, but I included the pic because it's a tongue-in-cheek pic of me being the self-conscious blogger. Amy, I think you might like crochet. Super soothing and meditative once you learn. It's even fun to just hang out and chat with a girlfriend while you crochet.

  7. Is crochet with just one needle? I don't think I could ever knit - it always looks cool when people are doing it but then I look at an instruction book and know there is no way.

  8. Yes, crochet is just with one needle - or the "hook" as they call it. I haven't tried knitting. It makes me a little nervous, but I might try it someday. The best way to learn to crochet, in my opinion, is to find someone who can show you in person. Like a local yarn shop. Then you just practice until your hand gets the motion. It's like swimming after that, you never forget how it feels.

  9. Big congrats--this is wonderful!