Hello October

While thinking about October I realized I have no substantial plans.  Nothing flashy or exciting.  Or even a little bit exotic.  Am I getting dull again? Is it time for another crafty class?  Another adventure?

The thing is... I am writing like a maniac.  Every night, I am on my little computer, typing, typing.  It is utterly dull to blog about and absolutely essential for me right now.

So in the meantime, these are the small things that will fill my days in October:

  • Enjoying the weather.  Why don't I go out for a walk already?
  • A little blogging surprise I am super, super excited about!
  • Going to see some chick flicks with my chick flick friend.  We have our eye on Life As We Know It and  You Again.  We might even make it a double feature.
  • Trying to get to know my characters inside and out and writing another 30K words on "Story C".  That would put me at 67% done with the first draft.  Surely that's a good thing.
  • Getting the garage clear enough to at least park the car on one side. We're almost there, we're almost there.
  • Reading something utterly self-indulgent.  I have tried to read several things that were on my "should read" list lately and failed.  Although I have my excuses, it does take time to write... However, cool fall nights are the perfect time to curl up with a book and I think I'll be curling up with the new book by Galen Beckett: The House on Durrow Street.  I really enjoyed the Magicians and Mrs. Quent.  It was completely strange and enjoyable at the same time in an odd blend of Austen, Bronte, adventure and magic, and ever since I've been waiting for a sequel.  My Kindle is downloading it as we speak...
  • And lastly (and this does qualify as my one exotic thing), I'll be taking an e-class on Overcoming Sugar Addiction.  And before everyone freaks out... let me just say that I am not some moralistic high-horsey person about these things, neither am I a perfectionistic nutrition nut.  I am totally human.  I just happen to be a human who turns to sugar to deal with almost everything and I'm tired of it.  And the idea of going off it for longer than a couple of months scares me to death. I don't know if I'll be writing much about that here...  just thought I'd share my one exotic item of the month. 


  1. I've been waiting for your first-of-the-month post. I really look forward to them.

    You'll be interested to know I'm reading Persuasion - it's been on my shelf for years. I'm more interested in it than I expected to be.

    So great how your writing is coming along. I've always heard that once you get into the regular habit of it, you can't live without it. Keep up the good work.

    Looking forward to the blogging surprise.

  2. Now what do I do? Amy used all of my thoughts, and I have so few original ones, and they all went out the window!

    I'm so excited to hear that you're writing like mad! There. She said it, too . . . but it's something! :)


  3. Ooh, ooh! NOW I have something to say!Soooo . . . then I stopped by Fairytale Haus Frau . . . I wanted to give her a recipe that I just loved for Apple Turnovers, and guess who had been there first! I shouldn't be surprised . . . afterall . . . Alison being the glue that binds and all! But still! I loved your comment! Very exciting!


  4. @Amy, I love that you're reading Persuasion. I love that that book is about a woman who has been judged by others and herself to be of no value, but then has a comeback. But I hope I'm not giving too much away. It's a novel that a woman in later life can love.

    @Debbi, thanks for the continual encouragement to keep writing. It helps!