Movie for a Bohemian Season: Into the Wild

Do you ever have those movies that you want to "want" to see, but you just are never in the mood?  I have an abundant list of these movies.  Movies other people have said are good - but I'm just never in the mood.

Into the Wild was on that list.  Part of me didn't expect to like it.  I knew what the story was all about going into it.  A true story - young man travels into the wilderness alone, and eventually dies, alone.  Doesn't sound like my kind of movie.  I mean what story could there be? And the story that is there seems so dark.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Granted, this will not be the right movie for everyone. If you are solely a chick flick devotee (who wants rainbows, sunshine, and happy endings) - you should probably skip it.

But this movie turned out to be about a journey, perhaps a misguided one, perhaps a mad one, perhaps an inspired one, but definitely sincere and genuine.  A journey prompted by pain, by seeking for answers, looking for truth.

The movie just picks you up and carries you along.

Am I the kind of person who would ever even imagine cutting up my credit cards, hitching my way across America, canoeing alone down the Grand Canyon, or making my home in a bus in the Alaskan wilderness?  Ummm, heck no.  But the brilliance of this movie is that it doesn't matter.  They make me care about this person, his story, his journey.  And they illuminate a deeper meaning to it all in such a subtle beautiful way.

I cried, y'all.  I cried.

What makes it bohemian:
Colorful characters
Journeys without maps
Seeking new experiences
Staring down your fears
Looking for truth
Life without a cell phone!

Have you had any movies that surprised you lately?

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  1. I read the book first and thought it was great, like everything else I've read by Krakauer--and I really liked the movie, too.