The surprises of blogging - looking back on my 6 month blogiversary

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So, June is my 6 month blogiversary (which is not a real word, and I have no idea how it should be spelled).  I'm taking a look back and sharing things I've learned in the process...

1. I've been through a lot of emotional ups and downs. 
I thought I could be "chill" about starting a blog - like I'm not doing this for money and it doesn't matter to me how many readers I have.  Then I went through the shock of realizing I did care and feeling emotionally whacked out and stressed because I felt like I had to conform to some formula for people to read.  For me, I had to decide once and for all that this is not a business for me - and that there was no bar I had to rise to and no formula I was willing to bow to. Then I chilled out and felt comfortable just blogging about what makes my heart purr and leaving the rest to fate.

2. Comments mean alot to me.  
Now I know why bloggers are so fruit loops about comments.  Because it feels like this affirmation that maybe, just maybe, one other person in the universe gets what you're saying.  SO a big FAT Thank You to everyone who's ever left a comment ;-)

3. Blogging is a very "now" experience. 
I am most inspired to write about what is inspiring me right NOW (versus what was inspiring me six months ago or 2 years ago).  It helps me get in touch with what I'm feeling and loving in the moment.

4. Blogging is less social than I thought it would be. 
I'm just going to be real and talk about this for a sec... I "hoped" that through blogging I might make some new friends.  Don't ask me what I was thinking.  Maybe that I would put my self out here in this virtual world and discover some people, strangely, who I have a lot in common with.  I have made a handful of connections where I think that seed of possibility exists.  But the notion of friendship online is one I'm uncertain of.  It's not that people are unfriendly - it may be that I don't possess the online social skills to make deeper connections.  I like to comment on people's blogs, but emailing someone out of the blue feels awkward - like walking up to a stranger on the street and introducing myself.  My inner shy girl still has some growing to do. Or it may be that for the most part, the online world is just not the best environment for the cultivation of deeper relationships. 

5. I struggle to be a "loyal reader" myself.  
I have less time than ever to read and follow a TON of blogs.  I just can't.  I work a full time job, I'm the family manager around here, I'm blogging, trying to write a novel, and wanting to stay semi-healthy. I feel bad about it at times, but I'm trying to accept my own limitations. 

6. I am not passionate about photography.
Right now at least. I love good photos and images.  But creating them myself - making that magic- just doesn't fit in my world right now.  I hope someday I'll be able to dabble more with it.  Until then, I will appreciate the gorgeousness that other budding photographers and stylists share.

7. I had hoped that this blog would help me discover some major "next steps" in my life.  In a way it worked according to plan and in a way it didn't.
Not long after starting the blog I had a lightning bolt that I wanted to be a writer.  It was actually a case of lightning striking twice since I've tried writing in the past.  But quickly, the "purpose" I had for my blog to help me find that next big thing wasn't necessary - because I'd already decided on a path to follow - writing.

8. I've been surprised at the new things I love that have emerged from blogging.  I've found myself writing extensively about topics I hadn't planned to:

Nail Polish - Who knew? It started as a way of going outside my normal bounds by trying unusual (for me) colors, like gray and green.  It turned into a weekly source of self-expression.  That then turned into seeing color palettes in everything and wanting to do color collections around themes like movies or style trends.  So here I am with a burgeoning nail polish collection, wondering if I should get a night job as a manicurist. 

Movies - I've always loved a good yarn.  But my intellectually snobby side would be embarrassed that my blog is overflowing with movie reviews instead of books.  But let's face it - I can watch a movie in two hours - and I do - nearly every weekend. 

Crochet - I had no idea when I started this blog back in December that I would take a liking to crochet.  I knew I wanted to try new things, and this is one of the new ones that has stayed after the dust settled.

Writing - I also didn't know that only a few weeks after starting my blog, I'd decide that by gosh, by golly, I was going to write a novel and find myself on this journey.
Paris  - I knew I wanted to go and hoped this would be my year (I still do) but I've been surprised at how much I've enjoyed sharing it.

9. And in spite of all the ups and downs, I want to continue blogging for awhile.
Like many others I feel I have unique things to share and hope that something I do will make someone else smile or say "aha!" or feel not alone in this world.

All in all it's been a very interesting journey, and I've learned so much I never would have if I wouldn't have tried this. I plan on continuing, as I'm able to and as I'm inspired, and hopefully my inspirations will mean something to some others out there too!


  1. "Like many others I feel I have unique things to share and hope that something I do will make someone else smile or say "aha!" or feel not alone in this world." Well said! Glad to get to share a bit of your world in my own spare moments. Cheers! Kelly

  2. I can't believe it's only been six months! I came by the first time when Alison highlighted your Bohemian Manifesto. I think I told you then, I linked it in emails to all of my kids, and told them to read it if they wanted to understand me . . . :) Has it really only been six months!? I'm here to tell you, that I am a faithful follower. Your chick flick posts almost always remind me of something that I've been meaning to watch, and I've bought several of them on your say so. I think it's high time I told you that. You should be getting commission from Amazon!
    I love the path of self discovery that you find yourself on. You write with an incredibly honest voice..
    Congratulations! I'm celebrating with you!
    ~ Debbi

  3. Thank you Debbi and Kelly for the encouragement to put myself out here! I so so so appreciate it.

  4. "4. Blogging is less social than I thought it would be." I know what you mean about this. I keep thinking that blogging is a way to start a conversation and that it just gets continued in the comments and an exchanged will get created even amongst the people commenting, but that doesn't seem to be how people connect doing this, so I think the environment is part of it.

    "7. I had hoped that this blog would help me discover some major "next steps" in my life." I started blogging just to start something new and see where it would take me because I need a "next step" right now. I'm glad it's helped you solidify that you want to write. For me it's just a reminder that I like pretty things and I'm re-thinking what I'm dong with it.

    Congrats on the blogoversary!

  5. Hey Jessica, maybe you and I need to just have our own blog-conversations!

    I hope your blog leads you to something new that is just what you need...