Goodbye dear friend and devil (otherwise known as the tv)

I once went several years without television.  And I have to tell you those were wonderful years.  I had so much more blank space to dream in... More time to read, imagine, process life... But when 9/11 happened, my husband and I felt compelled to get a tv, we just wanted to know what was happening.  And I've been watching tv ever since, but always putting those good old days on a pedestal.

So, one of the things I wanted to try this year was to spend more time without television... I am embarrassed to say that I have strategically waited to implement this until the Spring television season was over.

I want to think that I am not a hideous television addict.  I tell myself that I have "my shows" and that I only watch those shows, so I can't be that bad.  I mean heck, we don't even have cable or satellite, so how bad could it be?  Bad enough, believe me.

This year "my shows" have been Lost, Fringe, Bones, Flash Forward, Castle, Parenthood, Glee, V, Masterpiece, How I met your mother, and Big Bang Theory if anyone cares to know.  That's 10 hours a week of regularly scheduled programming - that's practically a part time job. I am a sucker for JJ Abrams style programming with a hint of scifi, mysteries, and teasing couples who dance back and forth between romance.

But of course, I also find myself sitting around on the couch regularly watching crap I don't care about too, or sitting there hanging out with my husband while he channel changes, driving me nuts.

All in all, it's just too much tv - as much as I love it.

So now, mercifully, that summer is here, putting all my favorite shows on hiatus, I have decided to take a hiatus on television for the whole month of June. And maybe I will feel inspired to go the whole summer. However, I'm still going to let myself cheat and on the weekends watch movies and Masterpiece because this is what gets me through folding laundry and sorting mail and my weekly manicure.

So here's to more time to walk, write and explore the world!


  1. It was actually a relief to see the shows end this spring. I hated that feeling of trying to fit all my favorite shows in and planning life around them. How lame. TV is off for the summer!

  2. hello valerie, how nice of you to visit. at work your blog sits in my favourites, and i'm w(a)(o)ndering through it regularly. i guess 'bohemian' is what caught my eye :) cheerio!