The monstrous necessity of organization

I spent most of this weekend getting organized.  I have my own word for this in my head - I call it "gorganizing".  Don't ask me where I came up with it, but it feels right.  It sounds a bit monstrous, like Gorgons (the beast of Greek mythology whose gaze turns you to stone), or gorgonzola cheese.

Because for me, organizing is a bit monstrous.  I often won't face the monster until things have gotten out of control and it's absolutely necessary.

Since the advent of blogging, and Christmas holidays and starting to write a book, I've done very little "gorganizing" and I feel it in this "bleccch" sort of sensation in my soul as I venture round the house.

I hate gorganizing, because I often don't know where to start.  I stand in the pile, looking around in a daze.  Once the momentum begins it's often much better.

I hate gorganizing, because it is sometimes so hard to let some things go.  It's hard to admit that I don't adore that nicknack bought seven years ago.  It's hard to throw away baby paraphernalia I was hanging onto "just in case".  It's hard to admit I made a mistake when I bought that dress that's never fit me right.

I hate gorganizing, because "other" people in my family won't throw anything away, so I often can't do anything decisive about their mess.

I hate gorganizing, because my garage is the place where all the extra stuff lands and collects.  Then periodically I half-gorganize the garage.  Then it all builds up again.  The garage is the hideout of all organizing boogie men.

I hate gorganizing because it never stops.  It might stop, I suppose, if I stopped buying things (now there's a thought) or using things or writing on papers or using paper at all.

I hate gorganizing because I really NEED everything to be gorganized, to feel calm and peaceful, but I really don't have the time to gorganize like I need to.

I hate gorganizing because I spent most of the weekend doing it, and I'm probably only 20% done.

But I LOVE it when I'm finished!


  1. hahaha...i totally know exactly your pain and joy!!!
    nothing is better than 'gorganizing', or worse...
    i can barely keep up. you inspire me to get on it....now.

  2. Again I can relate to this whole post. Love "Gorganizing." (The word, not the act.)