It List: Still life with flowers

There's something I find charming about vintage paintings. I've always been drawn to them. 

The image above shows my inspiration well - it's an image from ye olde Domino magazine (this is the one where Drew Barrymore had Ruthie Sommers do up her offices - it's lovely - if you want more go here).

But I especially like the floral variety. I like these best if they are colorful, pretty, but not too perfect.


This is my latest find.  It's found a home right (ahem) above the toilet in the master bath.  I didn't even notice the quirky swan handles on the vase until I got it home. That's the kind of detail I love!

This yellow pitcher of lilacs(?) cheers up my bright green laundry room.

And I love the bright colors on this little blue and red painting.  I have it propped up on a kitchen counter and it makes my kitchen feel more like a decorated space.

Next up, I think I'd like to have an art wall, that's an interesting eccentric collection...