Four ways I face down the wrong-side-of-the-bed blues

I get the blues every now and then.  I find the blues to be worse than the "mean reds".  Because at least during the "mean reds" I might want to jump off the couch and pace the floor or scratch someone's eyes out. But the blues... well, that involves dazed malaise, the inability to will myself to action - and I hate it.

Sometimes I get the blues for good reason.  But I hate it more when I have no good reason to be blue.  It just strikes out of nowhere (usually on a monthly schedule). And this time of year seems built for the blues, with its gray days and rainy lulls.

So here's four ways I wish the wrong-side-of-the-bed blues away (or at least sit with them until they leave me):

Make my bed.
Get dressed in an outfit that makes me feel cute and put on makeup or lipstick at least.
Get out - go to the movies (yes, I'm one of those gals perfectly happy to sit in a seat by herself watching a matinee), window shopping or to a coffee shop.  Loiter, until I forget what I was blue about.

Make my bed.
Get dressed in an outfit that makes me feel cute and put on makeup or lipstick at least.
Top with a vintage apron.
Play some happy energetic music and clean house like there's no tomorrow. Somehow bringing the outside world into order sometimes orders my insides too.

Light a scented candle.
Put on something comfortable - I'd love a new pair of Anthropologie lounge pants, just for this purpose!
Watch my favoritest movie with a blanket on the couch.  The movies I have on hand for just such an emergency include: Holiday, Funny Face, Amelie, Elizabethtown, Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera version), Emma (the Gwynnie version), Down with Love, and Sabrina (the Audrey version).  Apparently my taste in "comfort movies" gravitates towards the 1960s, Audrey, and Jane Austen.
Enjoy something that makes me feel like a child, like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies or warm milk.

Get out pen and paper and do an archaeological dig to try to unearth what's got me so blue.
Write a bunch of scribbles in inevitably bad handwriting that will make me alternately cringe and laugh later when I read them.
Make a list of things I can do about what's making me blue.
Or last resort, write emotion-infused poetry (but I tend to do this more during the "mean reds").  

What do you do to chase off the blues?

And since I made an obscure reference to the "mean reds" from Breakfast at Tiffany's, I couldn't resist sharing a little vintage love with the original trailer... 


  1. I definitely do #s 1 and 3 (my #1 includes going on a vigorous walk outdoors)--and we certainly have very similar tastes in comfort movies!

  2. this is a great list! when I finally decide to ditch the blues (I usually spend some time moping around in them first), I do one and four also...I also like to go do yoga...not by myself, but go to a class or a workshop...it always makes me feel better!

  3. cute trailer - that was a nice touch!

  4. They are all great ideas. Sometimes you just need to be proactive:) I think winter does this to a lot of us but just getting out of the house is so helpful for me. For more blues (in color only) stop by my blog:)
    Hugs~ ~Debra
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. yes...love the trailer, too...for me listen music is something i do for my soul on "gray days"...is "the key of happiness" for me...;)...thanks for sharing and until then...cheers ines...;)...

  6. your tips are great and I use all of them ... I find that the important thing when we feel blue is to really look after ourselves, please ourselves and be kind to ourselves :)

  7. Ah, the mean reds . . . I love Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  8. @Eliza - totally know what you mean about exercise - sometimes that helps clear my head too - getting my body and mind connected.

  9. I definitely subscribe to 1 and 2.

    I find that 2 works whether I'm blue or frustrated or angry. Plus beyond helping me feel better, you can cross something off my to do list.