Widening vistas

I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions - at least not the media cliches trying to sell us books or products. But I love reading other people's!  And New Year's puts me in a thoughtful mode, examining the past year and dreaming about things to come. 

For 2010 I don't have a list of to-do's, but I do have a theme: Try New Things.  It's simple and yet radical enough to shake the iron grip I have on comfort and routine and safety. I'm more excited about the year to come than I have been in a long time!

I've been looking back recently and I regret how often I stayed on the beaten path, how often I didn't do what might bring me joy, how often I delayed things or thought of doing them someday, when I could just as easily do them now.

In these years that I was mentally preparing myself for motherhood, I became practical and narrowly focused. I don't even have children, yet I was building my world around it - being healthy, saving money, simplifying my life, shutting any doors that didn't fit with my timeline or expectations.  I was willing (and still am) to sacrifice so much.

But I may have sacrificed too much and started sacrificing too soon.  I see this whole side of myself I choked off.  I'm glad I'm catching it now, because if motherhood ever comes for me, I don't want to be so focused on the welfare of my children that I lose sight of my own. 

No matter what happens, I think I'll be a better person for widening my vistas instead of closing them down.

*via ori2uru

So here's to 2010!

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