Frugal Frou-Frou

I mock myself for being slow to jump on fashion bandwagons, but there's a quite logical reason for this... you see, I'm cheap.  I have to swallow, hard, to spend $50-$100 for some adorable item that I fear will only appear adorable for a year or so.

I didn't start to have so much fun with fashion until I discovered what I affectionately refer to as "The Outlet Mall".  If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, you're not afraid to dig, and you pinch pennies tighter than the average gal, this is the place for you.  It's actual name is the Goodwill outlet.  And apparently they have these mysterious warehouses all over the country.  At my local Goodwill outlet, you'll find all clothing at $1.25.  So I also like to call it the "95% off store".

It wouldn't be fair of me not to warn you, that the Goodwill outlet is for hardcore thrifty girls only.  If you're afraid of your dainty hands touching something old and you don't want to be seen in that part of town, this is not the outing for you.

But if you begin shopping in this underground alternate universe, strange things will start to happen:

  • You will get used to these prices. You will find regular thrift store prices appalling.  You will find retail prices abhorrent. 
  • Your eyes will be opened to how much STUFF there is out there, floating around, unwanted, and discarded in our country.  This is an overwhelming experience, that will cause you to reconsider your own purchases and only buy what you need and what you love.  If you are having trouble with shopping addictions, this is a little bit like shock therapy!
  • On the other hand, you may become addicted to thrift shopping.  It's a little like gambling: one day your hunting trip is unfruitful but then the next time you come out with bags of the most fabulous clothes that are so cute and fit you perfectly.  Once this happens, you are hooked.
  • If you have ethical objections to shopping for eco or fair production reasons, you'll feel great about this alternative - you're not buying new stuff, just re-using stuff that's already been produced.
  • Your confidence in figuring out what you like, experimenting and mixing and matching will grow. And you'll find yourself sporting a unique look that is totally you - not just what's off the rack this season.
  • And on the rare occasion that you do wander into a full-priced storefront and buy something brand-spanking new, you'll appreciate it much more than you ever did before.
Soon, I'll share my personal tips for getting the most fashion out of a thrifting treasure hunt!

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