New things: Booties

Last night I dreamt about making myself a pair of boots out of aluminum foil (in my dream they were actually cute).  Which either has some deep meaning or goes to show how obsessed I am with boots lately...

Okay, so I mentioned how slow I was to jump on the boot bandwagon?  Now, I've been eyeing ankle boots (affectionately known as "booties").  I finally took the leap and got this pair at Payless (I couldn't bring myself to pay too much for something so trendy).  I like the fact that they're a little rocker-chic and edgy.

And they're super comfy in spite of the heel.  I love heels, but my feet and my sense of balance despise them.  So anytime I can get anything resembling a heel that doesn't kill me, I'm on it.

I've been seeing these Foot Petal inserts recently and wondering if they really work to make fashion-y shoes more comfy.  Anyone with a positive testimonial?


  1. ok so....michelle, seriously i am now obsessed with booties first of all! and black ones, i love those you have in the pic above...
    and yes! foot petal inserts of any kind work. i have some that are for the back of the shoes, or cover the entire sole,etc...they all are LIFESAVING...especially if you are walking around all day like i do.

    :) hope that helps.

  2. Found your blog via Ink On My Fingerss, have to tell you I absolutely love those boots! I would buy them as well, and I'm a bit of a spaz who can't really walk well in flat shoes.

  3. Oh me too! I have a hard time with the whole heel thing. I blame the constant use of flip flops here. :) Glad you found a pair you love. They are super cute!