I've decided it's time to get audacious.

The thing is, I've been wanting to get my writing mojo back since my baby was born.

My baby (if you don't know) is close to three years old now. This mama gig has not been so easy as I thought it would be and my writing dreams have been hard to fit in.

I could sit here and flagellate myself for letting writing fall by the wayside for 3 years, 3 whole years, but, you know? But I'm going to take the opposite path - I'm going to give myself grace. I've been the doing the best I can, and that's okay.

But I'm ready for a new chapter.

I've been trying the gradual way "write for 15 minutes a day" or write for an hour a few times a week. It just isn't cutting it.

I need to light a fire under my butt.

I need an audacious goal.

I thought about setting a goal to write a first draft of a new novel. And believe me, it has appeal. I love the magic of unfurling a new story.

The thing is, I have a novel, a finished novel, that's been shoved in a drawer for 3 years. I worked hard on that. It's my baby. And I love it. And it feels like unfinished business. It's so close, this close to feeling done. Before I move on to something else, I want to close this chapter.

So here goes, my audacious goal is to self-publish my novel by June 1. 

This feels crazy to me. Maybe it's not. But it definitely feels audacious.

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