A little dose of quirky romance

Because it's February. The month of love. Valentine's Day. And all that. And you're in need of a dose of romance, courtesy of Netflix.

Wait, you're not? Oh yeah, that's me.

Well in case you are too, thought I'd share two of my favorite little quirky romances I stumbled across on Netflix.

First up is In Your Eyes. Can I just say I sort of love Zoe Kazan? She's so pretty in such an atypical way.  I need to see more of her movies. Also, can I say this movie in no way makes sense, but if you just go with it you'll enjoy the ride?

I won't describe the plot here or the setup because that would ruin it. I'll just say: telepathic connection, star-crossed lovers, worlds collide. It doesn't make sense, but it's the sort of movie that takes you back to that deep connection two people have when they fall in love - talking and baring their souls. It's not a romantic comedy, but a drama, more serious in tone.

Second is Not Another Happy Ending. I suppose you could call this one more of a romantic comedy. It's actually a Scottish movie. How often do you see one of those? And I can't help but love a movie featuring a redheaded writer girl. Hahaha.

The love story is quite fun - a sensitive morose writer and a prickly French publisher take a good long while to finally figure out they can't live without each other. She has this fun colorful vintage style and apartment. Like many romcoms, it's hard to take seriously, but I just loved the setting, the visual style, the clothes, and the quirky characters. Now - when am I going to Scotland? Seriously.

Both of these are available for instant streaming on Netflix!

Happy Valentine's, love me.

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