Lost in Boho

I've been re-exploring my love of all things bohemian. On Pinterest, but also vision boards and daydreaming lists for 2014. I'm no fashion blogger, and heavens knows I don't do pics of my daily outfits, but I thought I'd share a few of my deep thoughts on fashion lately.

I still love bohemian style. But my life has taken a turn for the minimalist since having a child, and boho is a very maximalist sport - lots of bangles and jangles and flounces, accessories and patterns for days.

So I've been developing my philosophy on how to go boho without getting lost.

You can easily look overdone with bohemian style, like a costume character just out of the summer of '69. And if you don't do it right and you're not a skinny minnie, you look.... BIG.

All those maxi skirts and oversize tops and wide leg jeans can be disaster if you're not a size two, seriously. I gawk over the flowy styles in the Free People catalog, but I just can't wear them, not the way they style them. I'd look like a bag lady - a frumpy, lumpy, dumpy, bag lady. Those loose styles can also be very forgiving if you do them right, but how?

Here's my secret formula for figure friendly, mama friendly boho dressing:

1) It's all about balancing the fitted and the loose
If you wear a long, loose maxi skirt or pants, pair it with a very fitted top, maybe add a belt at the waist. Or wear a maxi dress with a tiny fitted jacket. If you wear a loose top, pair it with skinny jeans or leggings.My favorite is to wear skinny jeans and a fitted top with a loose blouse or baggy sweater over it.

2) It's all about layering
Throw a gorgeous patterned kimono or scarf on top of a plain white tee and jeans or a simple black dress and ta da! Instant bohemian.

3) It's all about accessories
This goes with the layering, but you can make almost anything look boho with funky jewelry. Feathers, dangles, spangles, raw stones, beads, ethnic. Pile it on. Two necklaces? Great. Three is even better. An armful of mix and match bracelets works too. And don't keep things totally bohemian either. Mix boho and girly and rock and roll and preppy and modern to get a look that's totally your own.

4) It's all about basics
Keep basics simple and well fitted, then layer style on top. I like the idea of a style uniform, a few templates (aka, skinny jeans + t-shirt + loose top) to make many possible outfits. Keep it simple and you won't need a closet like Mariah Carey's to hold all your clothes.

4) It's all about standout pieces
In the middle of plain jane basics, mix in a few uber boho things that make your heart skip a beat - a mexican embroidered top, leopard print converse, fringe boots, a billowy sundress, a guatemalan bag.

5) It's all about comfort
And... since I'm a mom who's chasing a toddler around and wearing his lunch on her clothes, it's about comfort. I need clothes that stretch and cover my butt and cushion my feet and pop in the washer.  So I tend to pick stretchy fabrics, eschew dry clean only, and go for something inexpensive, because it may not last long.


  1. Nice post! I'm a lover of boho style, too, but I share your concerns regarding the voluminous clothing and just tons of "stuff." I agree that you can pull off a version of this look by adding just a few touches here and there to a basic wardrobe. Sometimes it's the little details that can end up making something look boho.

  2. I use to be a boho style fanatic. But you are right it requires too much thinking and layering. I go for the simple approach now.....I walk into my closet pull out a striped shirt (one of a million) and black pants (one of a million) and call it a day. It may seem boring, but I rock that outfit like nobody's business. :)

  3. I'm a big fan of the boho style simple because it's about the layers and the comfort! Why get dressed if you feel like you're suffocating all day? Love the blog! Just thought I'd stop in and say hi. I'm a new follower. :) Feel free to visit my blog as well: digdeepstudio.com no pressure.