It's been a cozy mystery kind of year. I find myself turning to the cozies as I want to escape, to find myself compelled to turn a page, to drift off into a landscape of quirky characters or scenic vistas, to read something    a wee bit exciting, but mostly safe and predictable. This is how I feel at the end of the day when I am exhausted or aching, dimming the lights and climbing into my Epsom salts bath.

Quite frankly, I sometimes feel like an old lady. Haha. So I reach for a cozy mystery. This shouldn't be surprising since I practically cut my teeth on Nancy Drew.

Lately I have tried What Angels Fear, The Body in the Cast, and Wicked Autumn, although none of them seem to have me dying (teehee) to read more in the series. I've continued reading Tasha Alexander's novels, although I still love the first two the best.

My all time favorite mystery authors to date are Boris Akunin and Dorothy Sayers, but they don't seem to be translating any new Boris Akunin books from Russian to English.

My recent favorite is Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters. I love her plucky English heroine Amelia Peabody. I keep imagining Chummy's voice when I read it (for those of you Call the Midwife watchers). So I think another one of those is in order, although I feel as if I might quickly tire of the Egyptian archaeology setting. I'm also thinking of trying one of the Aunt Dimity's by Nancy Atherton.

Any cozy mystery recommendations from anyone out there? Or other "must reads" lately?

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