Will at 14 months

Will has streaks of independence, times when he's contented to explore and play on his own, interspersed with streaks of clinginess, demands to be held, and carried, fussy moments when it's not clear what he really wants, moments when he seems to want to nurse.

I am still nursing him. I suppose this has reached the socially odd point, statistically speaking, while it seems not at all odd to me. I'm hoping that weaning will just be a natural progression. I don't want to have to force it. But these days, when he seems more attached to nursing than ever, I feel nervous that we're going backwards!

But I'm learning that just because he's over a year, toddling around like all get out, and quite confident and persistent, doesn't mean he's not still a baby, who needs closeness and reassurance, and often.  Nursing is one of the most natural ways I can give him that. So we keep going.

Walking has turned to a nice little trot and a dogged determination to climb anything and everything.
His favorite toys these days include his red wagon, the mop handle, broom, and a few noisy flashing light toys that are my salvation whenever he's in the car. He's still not a big fan of the car seat or long car rides, so I need props.

His favorite "naughty" toys include electrical wires, the trash can, the toilet bowl, and my poor succulent pots, which by now have been ripped up several times by his eager paws. He loves digging in the dirt, which he eats on a regular basis. I have tried scrubbing his fingernails, but they are permanently stained. I surrender to the dirt.

He has three teeth on top now and four on the bottom with the most adorable gap-toothed smile.

He's sleeping through the night, most of the time, to my great relief, but we still have relapses.

He says something resembling mama and dada at times, but the context isn't clear. One thing that does seem  clear though, is when he says "na na na" for "no-no". He said this the other night when I tried to feed him avocado. He shook his head, spit it out and said "na na na". So that's it. Guess "no-no" is his first clear word! Ha! I'm excited to see what comes next.

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