Will at 10 months

I can't believe Will is ten months old already! I haven't been doing a great job at documenting things lately. Funny how things get away from me... He just had his first big illness, a lingering cold with rattling snot and coughs that he's just getting over. But that hasn't stopped him from crawling around and exploring everything. He started standing up on his own a couple of weeks ago and he's taken a few steps too.

He loves to stand by our back door and look out the window, he also loves to play with our window blinds. He recently when through a phase of opening and closing doors and cabinet doors and dresser drawers, occasionally shutting his fingers in them (ugh). He loves electrical wires (ugh), giving me practice with the word "no".

He'd been eating finger foods like a champ until his recent illness when everything seemed to change. He lets me know what he doesn't want by waving his hand and pushing it away. I'm hoping it's only temporary. It's hard not knowing what to feed him or what he wants or needs.

He now has two top teeth and two front teeth still growing in. I love his toothy little grin. He still smiles and laughs alot. His super fine light brown hair has been growing in, with a cute cowlick that stands up at the top of his head.

Sleep (nighttime and naps) have been great 90% of the time and that steadiness has helped me get my mojo back the last couple of months. I still feel like there's so much I'd like to do to get a foundation for an efficient, flowing, day to day life as a mom, but I guess that's how most of us feel - like we're never going to catch up. When I was working at the office, I'd be reminded that that was the reason I had a job, because there was always more, more, more work to be done. Same thing applies at home!

The challenge is to try to balance work, work, work with the right amount of rest and relaxation. My tendency sometimes is to go, go, go. But I'm trying to soak up every moment of baby-hood with Will that I can. It's gone so fast. I get all weepy looking at his teeny tiny clothes, remembering how soft and little and cuddly he was and now he's a robust exploring chunk of an almost-toddling boy.