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Will goes down for a nap and the first thing I have to tell myself is "NO WORKING." Because that's my first instinct, to run around the house, tidying up at top speed. Forget it. He might only nap for 30 minutes. 30 short minutes and just when I sit down to rest, I'll hear his call and it will all be over.

Rest. Rest is what I must do, sometimes by force. It makes me feel lazy, this rest. laying in bed, sitting on the couch, watching online reruns.

While I once looked down my nose at television (in spite of my addiction), I now watch it with a feeling of relief. I feel like I am slowly going back to normal. I know this sounds weird, but when I was so tired, mentally and physically, that the thought of watching tv repulsed me, I got a little worried about myself. It's like when you're so sick you don't want to eat - you know something's wrong! Well, I'm watching some tv again, and I feel relieved.

Right now my "must see" television includes The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother for the laughs. How I Met Your Mother is starting to piss me off with it's yellow umbrellas though. Should it really take Ted 10 years to "meet your mother"? Ugh.

I also watch Call The Midwife - my new favoritest show EVER. Sometimes (although only sometimes) it seems the Brits have a monopoly on good tv. You must watch this show people. It will whisk you away to an utterly different place and time. 1950s, East End London, midwifes and nuns. You will laugh, cry, and want Chummy to come over to your house for tea and scones (pronounced "scuns").

Lamentably, I am also watching season 2 of Upstairs, Downstairs. I want to like it, but it still seems like a low rent version of Downton Abbey. Maybe too depressing?

And then also on BBC I have finally finished watching ALL of the Doc Martins on Netflix. You must watch. From beginning to end. That is the only way to truly enjoy it.

And then of course, (she blushes) I have been watching Jane By Design on Netflix. What am I 15 years old? On the inside, yes, always. Little 15. And if you got that reference, you liked emo music in the late 80s. In other words, you are OLD. Like me.

And when I get time, I want to start watching Revenge and Hart of Dixie. Sometimes you need a little soap and cheese, you know?

Sayonara. It's time for online viewing.


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  1. I have been wondering about Call the Midwife, but keep forgetting to record. Do you think I could jump in mid season or better to wait to watch from beginning?